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Greens Conversion Updates

April 1, 2019 - Tree Removal Process Begins

Today is the day! The day we've all been waiting for - the beginning of our greens conversion project. We begin this journey with the removal of approximately 200 trees on our golf course. The Ultra Dwarf Bermuda requires more direct sunlight throughout the day than Bent Grass, which is why we are moving the large amount of trees from the golf course. You may see trees that are tagged with a ribbon, the trees that are tagged do not necessarily signify that paritcular tree is staying or being taken down.  We've worked with our Turf Care vendors over the last few weeks with a 'shade finder' to determine which trees need to be removed. This 'shade finder' helps us determine how much shade each tree will give the greens during every month of the year - every hour of the day. Our Superintendent, Shane Harrelson and Joshua Galle with Galle Enterprises are working cohesively to assure all correct trees are removed. We expect this process to take approximately one week. 

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